A team of professionals that handcraft noble materials. We take the time to talk about your ideas and designs. We search for an aesthetic and personal solution to make light blend in with your projects. Our production is 100 percent Belgian. We have a thirty year experience in creating technical and decorative lighting. If you want unique materials and designs, or if you have a custom project, talk to us. Asin is always ready to meet your demands.

Materials: Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Finishing: Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Bronze, Oxide, Zinc, Painted,...

Kalkenstraat 19
B-9255 Buggenhout
Tel.: + 32 (0)52 408 333
Fax.: + 32 (0)52 408 334
Mob.: + 32 (0)475 25 83 07

eddy [at] gaedo.be